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1. Q: Are the wall decals/stickers you sell reusable if peeled off?
    A: No, all of our decals are one time use decals/stickers. They are not made to be removed and reapplied.

2. Q: Will your decals/stickers stick to any surface?
    A: Although the adhesive on our gymnast decals/stickers is very strong, the smoother/glossier the surface, the better
      it will stick.

3. Q: If I damage the decal trying to install it will you send me a new one for free?
    A: If you have a problem with the installation of our decals/stickers, send us a picture with an email explaining what happened
        and we will send you a new decal for just the cost of shipping.

4. Q: When I choose a color for my gymnastics decal/stickers which part of the design is that color?
    A: All of the decals on the site are shown as a black decal/stickers on a white background. Just substitute the color
      of your choice for the black on your screen and that's what it will be.

5. Q: Your gymnastics decals/stickers are listed as a certain size ie. 6", 10" & 20" but some are square and some are rectangular,
       how do I know exactly how big the decal will be?
    A: The sizes given in the listing is an approximation for example, a rectangular decal/sticker may be 5"x7".
       If an exact measurement is needed, please contact us.

1. Q: Will the magnetic decal your selling damage the paint on my car?
    A: If the magnet is removed every couple of weeks and the vehicle is washed you should not have any problems.